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Biogas cellar for private households

From 2008 to 2010, the Center for New and Renewable Energy, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences has been carrying out the project “Finish technology and build Biogas cellars in private households within rural breeding areas concentrated in Ha Nam province”. Its goal is to acknowledge, finish and improve technology for rural areas in Vietnam. And then, to increase effectiveness in production, reduce environmental pollution caused by breeding conditions and improve the livelihood for farmers. This was considered as a trial held by Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, in which, Mr. Tran Khac Tuyen, Director of the Center for New and Renewable Energy was the team leader.

Dietary supplement produced in Vietnam from Perna Viridis mytilus smaragdinus

On the basics of the scientific and technological project at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology level (2008-2009), the Institute of Natural Products Chemistry successfully studied the technological process to make a dietary supplement from an available marine animal, Perna Viridis mytilus smaragdinus (a kind of two-shell soft body animal), creating another useful product to benefit people’s healthcare.

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