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“MicroDragon” – a satellite made by Vietnamese engineers plan to launch into orbit in 2018


According to the official announcement from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), within the framework to expand the satellite development education assistance to emerging countries, a satellite made by Vietnamese engineers “MicroDragon” will be sent into orbit by Epsilon rocket, a Japanese solid-fuel rocket designed to launch scientific satellites in 2018.

Epsilon rocket (Source: JAXA)

The “MicroDragon” satellite measures 50x50x50cms and weighs fifty kilogram. It has been developed by young engineers of Vietnam National Satellite Center (VNSC) with a great support from Japanese professors in 5 universities (Keio University, Tokyo University, Hokkaido University, Tohoku University and Kyushu University).

VNSC engineers test MicroDragon satellite at Kyushu university (Source: VNSC)

The main objectives of “MicroDragon” satellite are:
- To observe ocean color in order to assess coastal water quality, locate living resources, and monitor changes of phenomena in coastal water for aquaculture development in Vietnam.
- To detect cover of cloud and characteristics of aerosols for atmospheric corrections.
- To get information from sensors in ground, then the data will be transmitted quickly to different areas.
- To test new materials (Atomic Oxygen, Antimony Tin Oxide Coating Solar Cell)

With the support for launching “MicroDragon” satellite using Epsilon rocket from JAXA confirm a tighter cooperation between Vietnam and Japan in satellite technology for the purpose of education.

(Source JAXA and VNSC)
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