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Investigation into the potential of exploiting solar and wind energy on Co To island, Quang Ninh province


Situated in the northeast of Quang Ninh province, Co To is one of biggest island districts in Vietnam. Lying 110 nautical miles to the Eastof Ha Long city and 50 nautical miles from the town of Van Don district presents the island with major problems in sourcing energy. With no national electricity network, the main electricity source on the island is diesel. The problems involved in turning diesel into electricity mean that only part of the demand for electrical energy on the island is met. Increasing demand for electricity for important activities such as production, socio-economic development and ensuring national defence and security is not beingreached. Therefore, research on technology solutions to supply the island district with more energy is an urgent technological and scientific task - and one which has great socio-political significance.

Researching materials to keep fruits and vegetables fresh

Situated in the tropical monsoon climate region, Vietnam has one of the most diverse ranges of fruits and vegetables in the world. These fruits and vegetables not only satisfy a domestic demand; they have also become some of the worlds favourite export products. Our country’s annual income from exporting fruits and vegetables runs into hundreds of million USD. However, the ways in which we export our goods still have many shortcomings. The main shortfall is the high volume of rotten produce, caused by too many fruits and vegetables being harvested. Rotten produce can account for as much as 20 percent of total production, obviously presenting a remarkable loss for farmers. Improving the preservation of fruits and vegetables after harvesting would bring many benefits; such as improving the quality of fruits and vegetables, protecting people’s health, meeting the demands of importers as well as consumers and reducing economic damages for farmers. Therefore, maintaining fruits and vegetables freshness after harvesting has become an urgent demand in Vietnam.

Building drought and desertification management systems in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of five countries which are forecast to be heavily influenced by climate change, causing an increase in different kinds of severe natural disasters, typically drought and desertification. In order to deal with the increasing problem strategic measures for natural disaster prevention, response and mitigation are needed, including the implementation of drought and desertification management systems in Vietnam.

Zanamivir influenza medicine from axit sialic

Zanamivir is an enzyme neuraminidase inhibitor medicine, used to treat and prevent influenza on human’s body. Now, scientists from the Institute of Chemistry under Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology have conducted a research project on this active element.

Northern Vietnam Coastal Environment Analysis and Observation Station’s activities and orientations for development

The northern Vietnam Coastal Environment Analysis and Observation Station is a unit under the mission between Vietnam Environment Administration and the Institute of Marine Environment and Resources. It has functions to annually observe the quality of coastal environments in northern Vietnam, from Tra Co (in Quang Ninh province) to Cua Lo (in Nghe An province), provide technical training courses in marine environment observation and participate in publishing an annual report on the marine environment.

The Diversity of protection approaches of natural resources and environment in the Vietnam's sea

Seas and oceans are the cradle of life. It has provided mankind with a huge amount of food, pharmaceuticals, raw materials, energy, transportation, natural resources. However, any rapid economic growth and development will strongly pollute and deplete the Vietnam marine resources is not an exception. During the conference celebrating the 35 years anniversary of the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), Dr. Du Van Toan has proposed to diversify and to implement strategic approaches to protect the marine resources in Vietnam’s sea.  In general in order to effectively utilize the available resources sustainably.

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