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Flavanoid from green tea leaves brings much interest for people’s health

Research by scientists from the Institute of Chemistry under Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology shows that flavanoid from green tea leaves can be used as medicine to treat cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, inflammation prevention, oxygenation prevention, as well as decrease the frequency of suffering from prostate cancer.

The ELISA kit supporting early diagnosis of Hepatocellular cancer (HCC)

Vietnam ranged 2nd for liver cancer cases in the world (China as the 1st one) with more than 10,000 new patients annually. Toward this kind of cancer, patients in Vietnam are usually younger than those in European or US and still at the working age (around 40 years old). This is in the dangerous list of diseases cause of its fast development and high mortal rate. Consequently, liver cancer is supposed to be the serious problem that affects to commune’s health as well as to economical and social development.

Application Mike model to calculate of the bed morphology in Huong river

Every year, natural disasters such as storm, flood, drought, landslide, river erosion had cause great damage to life and property. The Huong river is the largest river in Thua Thien Hue province with length of 128 km and its area cover 2/3 of the province. It is particularly important role in the development of economy, the province's social . In recent years, the issue of the Huong riverside slide occurs more frequently and more serious each time, particularly from the Tuan confluence to Sinh confluence (the section of Huong river flows through Hue city). According to statistics in the period of (1999 – 2009), the Huong river bank of Thien Mu Pagoda are having the most serious erosion about an average of over 10m/year; section of river runs through Huong Long village (Long Ho Thuong, Xuoc Du, Bao Vinh, Tran Non) with an average speed erosion of 2-10m/year, landslides in some places of 10m deep into the coast and lasted nearly 1600m. Besides, due to global climate changes, as well as the impact of economic -  social development in the basin, Huong riverside slide more and more, causing serious damage to economic- social development in the basin.

Precious butterfly teinopalpus aureus in Vietnam

In the insecta, butterfly is the most well-known group due to their beautiful color,  form and friendliness to the human. Many precious, rare and beautiful butterfly species which have small areas of distritbution are often hunted for commercial purposes, of which, Papilionidae. According to IUCN, nearly 14% of total species of this family (78 species) is being threatened or the species community is in severely decline. Among 46 species that need to be protected (listed in appendix I and II of CITES), Vietnam has 4 species, namely Teinopalpus aureus, Teinopalpus imperialis, Troides helena and Troides aeacus. Of them, Teinpalpus aureus is being hunted most urgently because its commercial value is higher than the others.

New scorpion species discovered in Vietnam

A new species and breed of scorpion discovered in Tien Son cave in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park has been published in Zookeys international magazine No 71, 2001, by Dr. Lourenco from the National Museum of National History, Paris, and Dr. Pham Dinh Sac from the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.

The role of natural light within vitro propagation of orchid and banana

The development of high-tech agriculture in Da Lat, Ho Chi Minh City and many other provinces and cities throughout the country placed an increasing demand of growing transplants using in vitro method. In vitro propagation helped to create transplants which were free from disease, highly- resistant and able to produce transplants within great scope quickly and easily. Therefore, in vitro propagation brought about big economic profits.

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