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Discovery of a new reptilian species from Vietnam


A new lizard species for science was recently discovered by the scientists from the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (VAST, Vietnam), the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig, and the Cologne Zoo (Germany). The new species, namely Huulien Ground Skink Scincella apraefrontalis Nguyen, Nguyen, Boehme & Ziegler, 2010, was described based on a single specimen from Huu Lien Nature Reserve, Lang Son Province. The common name of this species is originated from the name of the type locality and the scientific name derives from Latin: apraefrontalis – meaning “without prefrontals”.

Dietary supplement produced in Vietnam from Perna Viridis mytilus smaragdinus

On the basics of the scientific and technological project at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology level (2008-2009), the Institute of Natural Products Chemistry successfully studied the technological process to make a dietary supplement from an available marine animal, Perna Viridis mytilus smaragdinus (a kind of two-shell soft body animal), creating another useful product to benefit people’s healthcare.

A new species of reed snakes discovered in Kon Tum Province, Vietnam

In 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity, IUCN together with its members and partners want to see the biodiversity at the top of the global agenda, leading to stronger action from all sectors of society to safeguard the biodiversity (IUCN, 2010). During a six-month period, six new species and two new country records of reptiles and amphibians have been discovered in Vietnam. The most recent new species of the genus Calamaria was discovered at Kon Plong forest, Kon Tum Province. The holotype of the new species, Calamaria sangi Nguyen, Koch & Ziegler, 2010, was collected during the 2001 field work in Kon Tum Province funded by WWF Indochina. The new species was named after Dr. Nguyen Van Sang (Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, Hanoi) in recognition of his lifetime’s work on Vietnamese herpetology in general and on snakes in particular.

Obesity Harms Women's Memory and Brain Function, Study Finds

The more an older woman weighs, the worse her memory, according to new research from Northwestern Medicine. The effect is more pronounced in women who carry excess weight around their hips, known as pear shapes, than women who carry it around their waists, called apple shapes.

Working Overtime Could Kill You

Working overtime can take its toll on more than just sanity. It might be bad for the heart, a new study reveals. Among 6,014 people followed for about 11 years, those who worked 10 or more hours a day had a 60-percent higher risk of heart-related problems, such as death due to heart disease or a non-fatal heart attack, than those who didn't work overtime.

Two New Frog Species Discovered in Panama's Fungal War Zone

Trying to stay ahead of a deadly disease that has wiped out more than 100 species, scientists at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute continue to discover new frog species in Panama: Pristimantis educatoris, from Omar Torrijos National Park, and P. adnus from Darien Province near the Colombian border.

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