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Dark ocean depths home to exotic, unknown life

The permanent darkness of the ocean depths is home to a far greater range of animals, from luminous jellyfish to tubeworms that live off oil seeping from the seabed, than previously thought, scientists said on Sunday.

One more new species of geckos from Vietnam

The description of a new species of geckos from northern Vietnam was published in Zootaxa (No. 2329, 2010) by the scientists from the Zoological Museum Dresden, Cologne Zoo (Germany); Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, and Vietnam National Museum of Nature (Vietnam).

Water weed given new life as fabric

Communities blighted by water hyacinth may soon view the aquatic weed as an asset rather than a scourge, thanks to a technique devised in the Philippines to turn the plant into a textile.

New species discovered in fragile Eastern Himalayas

More than 350 new species, including a flying frog and the world’s smallest deer, have been discovered in the Eastern Himalayas, a WWF report has revealed. But this treasure trove of biological diversity is now threatened by climate change, it warns.

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