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China's nitrogen emissions could worsen pollution

China's failure to control nitrogen emissions could mar its success in reducing environmental levels of sulphur dioxide (SO2), a new study finds. Both nitrogen and sulphur emissions are major contributors to soil acidity and environmental pollution.

How the Moon Gets Its Exosphere

Several decades ago scientists discovered that the Moon, long thought to have no atmosphere, actually does have an extremely thin exosphere. Scientists generally believe that the ions that make up the lunar exosphere are generated at the Moon's surface by interaction with solar photons, plasma in the Earth's magnetosphere, or micrometeorites. However, scientists have been uncertain about which processes are the main contributors of lunar exosphere ions.

Discovery of the Jekyll-and-Hyde Factors in 'Coral Bleaching'

Scientists are reporting the first identification of substances involved in the Jekyll-and-Hyde transformation that changes harmless marine bacteria into killers that cause "coral bleaching." Their study appears in ACS' Environmental Science & Technology, a semi-monthly journal.

GPU-Accelerated Cluster Launched in Australia

Technology designed to blast aliens in computer games is part of a new GPU (Graphics Processing Units) computer cluster that will process CSIRO research data thousands of times faster and more efficiently than a desktop PC. The new GPU cluster will complement the supercomputing resources available to CSIRO researchers, such as the recently installed NCI facility at the Australian National University. The CSIRO GPU cluster will be launched today in Canberra.

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