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Anti-inflammatory effects of Eurycoma longifolia Jack root

Inflammation is considered a major physiological defense mechanism, helping the body protect itself against infections, burns, toxic chemicals, allergens or other toxic irritants. Uncontrolled inflammation may be a factor in chronic diseases. Now, there is a number of analgesic anti-inflammatory drugs which belong to nacotics, corticosteroids and nonsteroidal drugs. However, most of them have side effects.

Experiencing Hoa Lac Observatory

Perhaps many of us once had dreams of becoming an astronomer, exploring distant planets in the vast universe. To realize that desire requires a long time of study and research. However, in Hanoi, there is a certain place that will be a fulcrum and a solid basis for the journey to conquer that dream. That is the Hoa Lac Observatory!

Study on technologies to produce useful materials from ashes of Vinh Tan - Binh Thuan Thermal Power Plant

Currently, at coal-fired power plants, the process of burning produces a huge amount of ashes, usually accounting for 30-35% of the coal burned. Every year, Vinh Tan - Binh Thuan Thermal Power Plant emits millions of tons of ashes. Most of these ashes are discharged into the environment as an industrial waste without treatment and reuse of the precious waste sources. The cause of this waste is poor ash quality, lack of ash handling technology and low environmental awareness.

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