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Discovery of a new plant species – Aristolochia quangbinhensis Do

A group of scientists from Vietnam National Museum of Nature under Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi pharmaceutical University and Dresden Plant Institute – Germany, has discovered a new plant species named Aristolochia quangbinhensis Do. This species belongs to the Aristolochia subgenus Isotrema (Aristolochiaceae) branch. The discovery was published on Phytokeys 33(2014).

Technology for producing Omega-3 enriched chicken eggs

Omega-3 is an important fatty acid for the human body. It contributes significantly to the prevention of heart disease, reducing triglyceride level in blood, lowering cholesterol, prevention of cancer and diabetes, improvement of memory and reducing the risk of Alzheimers. Omega-3 is essential for the development of brain and sight of the foetus.   

PicoDragon micro satellite active in space for a month

December 19th 2013 marks a full month since the PicoDragon micro satellite was launched into its orbit and successfully transmitting signals to earth. Together with ground stations under the Vietnam National Satellite Centre of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, ground stations under many Japanese universities and amateur radios in the world still continuously receive the signals of PicoDragon.

Nano Curcumin – Improving the efficiency of turmeric essence

Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) is a precious medical plant which is highly appreciated among the many Vietnamese traditional medical plants. For centuries, Vietnamese people have used turmeric as a traditional condiment, creating yellow colour and special flavour for the dish. Turmeric is also a precious folklore medicine with many uses such as clearing scars, treating stomachache, detoxifying liver, and helping women after giving birth to involute their womb, recover shape and beautify skin.

Discovery of another new lizard species in limestone forests of Cao Bang Province

A new species of lizard was recently described by scientists from Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources - VAST, Hanoi Nationnal University - Vietnam and Cologne, Germany based on morphological comparisons and molecular phylogenetic analyses. The description of the new species was published in Zootaxa in November, 2013 (No. 3736). The new species, Hemiphyllodactylus zugi Nguyen, Lehmann, Le, Duong, Bonkowski & Ziegler, 2013, was named after Prof. George Zug from the Smithsonian Institution, USA, in recognition of his contribution to herpetological research in Southeast Asia.

Discovery of a new reptile species from Kon Tum Plateau, Vietnam

In a recent biodiversity expedition of the Wildlife at Risk (a non-governmental organization for conservation in Ho Chi Minh City) in Ba To District, Quang Ngai Province, a small-sized skink was collected by the survey team among leaf litter in the evergreen forest at an elevation approximately 1000 m above sea level, in Kon Tum Plateau. Based on morphological comparisons of this specimen, a group of scientists from Vietnam, USA, and Germany described it as a new species. The description of the new species was published in Zootaxa in November, 2013 (No. 3734). The new species, Sphenomorphus sheai Nguyen, Nguyen, Van Devender, Bonkowski & Ziegler, 2013, was named after Dr. Glenn Shea from the University of Sydney, Australia, in recognition of his contribution towards the systematic of scincid lizards.

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